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  • Although the SAC is designed to withstand normal field use, it is a precision instrument and can be damaged if not properly cared for:
    • Keep it in its supplied pouch when not in use.
    • Be careful to avoid bending the mandrel.
    • Avoid using, packing, storing, or placing the SAC in a manner that allows for excessive weight or force to be placed on the mandrel. 
    • Do not attempt to dismantle or adjust the SAC in any way. This will damage the SAC and void the warranty.
  • The SAC does not require maintenance or adjustment, aside from simple cleaning.


    1. Remove sand or debris from the optical lens and spigot by rinsing the SAC with water.
    2. Gently dry the lens with a lens cloth, just as you would with NVGs or a rifle scope.
    3. Break free or other weapon cleaning agents can be used on the spigot if necessary.
    4. Avoid storing the SAC in its pouch when it is damp.