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Small Arms Collimator

Small Arms


The Small Arms Collimator is a precision optical device that solves a critical operational problem by allowing shooters to confirm zero quickly and accurately in any environment.

It also saves time and ammunition during the initial zero process. It will quickly pay for itself in ammunition savings alone.

Do more with less.

Military forces and law enforcement agencies are being asked to handle increasingly complex situations and environments – and are facing increasing scrutiny for their actions. Budgets and training time have shrunk. The collimator helps make the most of limited training resources and ensures that warriors go into the fight with weapons that are ready.


Improves Combat Effectiveness.

The Small Arms Collimator allows shooters to check zero quickly, whenever and wherever the need arises (i.e. during pre-mission checks or before the start of a shift). Zero confirmation helps ensure that they deliver precise, first-round hits when it counts – in every fight


Reports indicate that the SAC saves $750 per zero iteration at the company level- in ammo costs alone. The SAC will quickly pay for itself by saving ammunition, time, and other resources.


The SAC dramatically reduces zero range time (by 66%, according to a US Army source). Less time on the zero range means more time conducting combat marksmanship training. It’s also a tremendously useful training aid that helps students better understand marksmanship fundamentals.


When shooters miss their intended target, the bullet goes somewhere. In crowded urban environments (domestically or overseas), an errant round could take an innocent life.



The SAC provides sub-MOA accuracy for zero confirmation. That accuracy is repeatable between like collimators and weapons.


The SAC is easy to use with very little training. No ‘master weapon’ is needed. There are no moving or interchangeable parts and no adjustments.


The SAC doesn’t emit light or require a down-range target. That means it can be used safely, anywhere- after infil, at a final firing position, etc.


Collimators have been fielded to US and NATO military and police for forces for years, with exceptional results.

Nitrogen-sealed magic.

Our engineers won’t admit, but the fact that the collimator actually works makes it obvious that the optical tube contains magic. It’s nitrogen sealed so the magic won’t escape.

Incredible precision.

The mandrel is specifically engineered to maintain accuracy and protect the crown. Making the mandrel correctly is expensive and time consuming, but it’s critical to the accuracy of the system.

Unmatched Accuracy and Repeatability.

Sorry, but mandrels can’t be adjusted or changed to accommodate multiple calibers. Adjustable or interchangeable mandrels degrade accuracy, especially over time. We could make an interchangeable mandrel system that would pass procurement tests. But it would eventually fail… possibly when a young warrior’s life is on the line. We’re not willing to take that chance.

Night Use. Even Down Range.

A simple (but innovative) LED illuminator allows for use at night… without emitting a down-range signature.

Built for Your Weapon.

A variety of reticles, mandrel sizes up to 82mm, and an engineering team that makes things happen… means that collimators are available for virtually all small arms: infantry weapons, sniper rifles, machine guns, automated systems (i.e. CROWS2), grenade launchers, AND the Gustaf 84mm Recoilless Rifle. 

Specified Weapon and Zero Distance.

Each collimator is set for a user-specified weapon system (or family of weapon systems), type of ammunition, and zero distance. These settings only affect establishing initial zero, though, and the affect is usually pretty minimal. Personal zero positions can be recorded using different sights, types of ammo, zero ranges, elevations above sea level, etc.


Collimators are available for most military and law enforcement weapons, including assault/ patrol rifles, sniper rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers, and the 84mm Gustaf recoilless rifle. Standard collimators work with iron sights, optics, and image intensified night vision sights. There are also models available that work with thermal weapon sights and aiming lasers.


Infantry Weapon COLLIMATOR

NSN: 4931-01-633-3390
Works with M4, M16A4, and M27 rifles

Sniper Weapon COLLIMATOR

NSN: 1240-01-622-0044
Works with most .30 cal/ 7.62mm sniper rifles.


NSN: 4931-01-691-3676
Works with .50 cal MK50/ CROWS2


Agency/ Contract Purchase

For quotes or other information related to agency direct purchases of collimators, please contact us.

Retail Purchase

Collimators can be purchased directly on our retail website. Note that you will be redirected to

Knowledge Base

For general information on the collimator, why it’s important, and how to use it, check out our Collimator Knowledge Base.


Watch how the collimator is used to speed up the initial zero process and how quickly it can be used to accurately confirm zero.


Use the link below to download a printable brochure with collimator information and specifications. Share it with your purchasing folks!