Who we are.

Telluric is a family of defense and security related companies that provide world-class training, specialized equipment, and protective and advisory services to US and allied government organizations, businesses, NGOs, and individual clients.

Established and proven.


What makes us different?

Simple, effective solutions.

Whether it's delivering precision equipment to the military, training police officers, or providing protective services to business executives, our goal is always the same- to improve security in every community we reach, directly or indirectly. We do that by providing simple, effective solutions that focus on improving capability and confidence at the individual or small unit/ team level.

Training-centric approach.

At our core, we are a professional training organization. We use the knowledge and experience that qualifies us to teach - and (more importantly) that we get from interacting with students and peers during training – to drive product development and other areas of our business.

Grounded by experience.

We’re fortunate to have a diverse, experienced team with backgrounds that include military special operations and infantry, local law enforcement (SWAT, criminal investigations), federal law enforcement, and high threat security operations.

Constrained and empowered by values.

Our company’s values guide us in determining when, where, and how we operate. They provide left and right limits- and a clear way forward.

Strategically located.

Our location adjacent to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC Glynco) allows us to work with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies on a daily basis. We also build and maintain relationships with agents and officers from all over the United States.


Telluric Group, LLC
136 Venture Drive
Brunswick, GA 31525 USA


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