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Once PZP has been established and recorded, shooters can quickly and accurately confirm zero any time- as part of pre-combat checks, at the beginning of each shift, etc. This ensures that shooters always go into the fight with a properly zeroed rifle.

To establish PZP:

  1. ENSURE that the weapon is CLEAR and on SAFE.
  2. Take up a normal firing position (the same one that was used to establish PZP).
  3. Carefully insert the spigot as previously described.
  4. Ensure that point of aim (POA) is consistent with the shooter’s recorded PZP- as precisely as possible. Recorded PZP should match the equipment (i.e. sight, ammo) and conditions (i.e. elevation, temperature) as closely as possible. 
  5. If POA does not match PZP, make necessary sight adjustments.
  6. Remove the SAC and repeat to ensure accuracy.

It’s important to note that the SAC is designed to augment, not replace, live fire zeroing. Whenever possible, shooters should still confirm zero using standard live fire zero procedures.