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Common Zero Position, or CZP, is located at coordinates ‘I, 9’ on the collimator grid. It is primarily used to get shooters close or ‘on paper’ prior to live fire zero. CZP can also be used as an emergency zero for shooters who do not have a recorded PZP.

To establish CZP:

  1. ENSURE that the weapon is CLEAR and on SAFE.
  2. Take up a good, normal firing position. It is critically important that the shooter’s position when using the SAC is exactly the same as shooter’s firing position for conducting live-fire zero.
  3. Carefully insert the spigot as described HERE.
  4. Adjust sight/ point of aim to ‘I,9’ on the SAC grid. Note that this position is clearly marked. On infantry weapon SACs, CZP is at the bottom tip of the inverted triangle.
  5. Remove the SAC and conduct standard live fire zero procedures. Most shooters will be very close to zero with their initial string of fire.

NOTE: each shooter should establish CZP on their own weapon.