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Establishing and recording a Personal Zero Position (PZP) allows shooters to quickly and accurately confirm zero in any environment. PZPs can be recorded for different distances, types of ammo, elevations, sights, etc

To establish PZP:

  1. Zero the weapon using standard live fire zero procedures.
  2. ENSURE that the weapon is CLEAR and on SAFE.
  3. Take up a good, normal firing position  (the same one that was used during live-fire zero).
  4. Carefully insert the mandrel as described HERE.
  5. Note the EXACT position of point of aim on the SAC grid.
  6. Remove the SAC and repeat to ensure accuracy.
  7. Record the exact grid position, the type of sight, type of ammo, and the distance.  Note that this position is not necessarily at the precise intersection of two lines. This is the shooter’s PZP.  Shooters may also want to record environmental data.