Zeroing In at Aimpoint Training Program

Aimpoint’s classes teach operators the finer points of using close combat optics.

by A.J. George, Police Magazine

Recently, I was invited to attend the Aimpoint Writer's Event. As a law enforcement professional, I have been using Aimpoint optics for years but know very little about the company or its training curriculum. This was my chance to experience both and I certainly wasn’t going to pass it up.

Aimpoint has recently partnered with the Telluric Defense and Security Group, making Telluric the official training provider for Aimpoint curriculum. So the event was hosted at Telluric's new indoor facility in Brunswick, Ga. Several industry writers and law enforcement professionals were invited to the event, which was scheduled on the heels of a Close Combat Optic training course for instructors. The two-day course I attended was condensed into one day, keeping all of the essential product info and hands-on range time we were looking for.

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