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Evaluating gear can be a cumbersome process, especially since there's a lot of bad information floating around. But lacking capability, experiencing gear failure, or being distracted by unecessary 'stuff' can cost innocent lives. We use our staff's military special operations, law enforcement, and private security experience- and our experience as instructors- to identify, develop, and source equipment that is practical and reliable.

IR Laser

Zero Targets

Zero IR lasers quickly and precisely with our targets. They're designed to be used on a 25m range to get an approximate (but close) zero that can be confirmed at distance. The target's alpha-numeric grid can be used after shooting at distance to allow for zero confirmation on a 25m range. 

Small Arms


Loss of zero is a major operational problem for most military units and law enforcement agencies that is typically hidden by our range procedures. The collimator solves this problem by allowing shootes to confirm zero quickly and accurately in any environment.

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Define the Mission » Establish TTPs » Select Gear to Enable TTPs

Gear purchases should be driven by mission. We should only buy (and carry) equipment that specifically enables our tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs).  Doing otherwise not only wastes money, it violates Hick's Law. 


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