Room Clearing (1-2 Man)
  • Room Clearing (1-2 Man)

Room Clearing (1-2 Man)

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Although most people associate ‘room clearing’ with SWAT teams and special operations soldiers, it is a fundamental skill for any armed professional OR responsible, armed citizen. This course covers the fundamentals of 'room clearing' from a theoretical and a practical standpoint. It includes some classroom presentation, but most of the time is spent in the shoot house doing force-on-target and force-on-force drills and exercises. We will discuss deliberate and dynamic clearing methods theoretically, but we will focus on a specific hybrid method for practical application.

You may use a pistol, rifle, or both for the course. You will need 250 rounds of TCJ ammunition.

Non-lethal training ammunition and weapons or conversion kits will be provided.

Topics Covered
      1. • Psychological and physiological considerations for close-quarters battle (CQB)
        • Individual movement and weapon manipulation in and around structures
        • Room clearing theory and principles
        • Tools, techniques, and tactics for CQB
        • Deliberate, dynamic, and hybrid clearing methods
        • You'll need the following gear in order to participate:
          • Quality AR-15 style rifle (optional) with at least 2 magazines and a sling
          • UTM converted pistols (Glock, SIG 228, or Beretta M9) will be provided for those with no rifle
          • Two layers of clothing- long sleeves and long pants with heavy material
          • Gloves - padded knuckles recommended
          • Clear eye protection
          • Groin protection/ cup (men) or chest protection (women)
          • Notepad and pen


        • Training/ Skill

          Formal, documented, intermediate level training in EITHER the pistol OR the rifle.


          All lawfully armed US citizens are welcome to participate in this course. To confirm eligibility, please provide the following documents BEFORE the class is scheduled to start:

          1. US state or federal ID (i.e. driver license)
          2. LE or MIL ID card OR valid concealed carry permit OR background check from your local law enforcement agency showing no felony or domestic violence convictions, restraining orders, etc. that make it illegal for you to possess a firearm.


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