• AN/PVS-30
  • AN/PVS-30


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The AN/PVS-30 Clip-on Night Vision Weapon Sight utilizes high performance Generation 3 light intensification night vision to enhance rifle day-scope capabilities. By mounting the AN/PVS-30 forward of the day-scope, the shooter will not alter zero, but will be able to observe and engage targets during nigh-time lighting conditions. Additionally, this enhancement allows the shooter's existing optic, eye relief, and cheek weld to remain undisturbed.

The lightweight design features include a refractive lens that provides high performance light collection, and a Single Interchangeable Battery (SIB)®, which allows use of either a single AA or CR-123  battery. The battery life can exceed 24 hours of use and is ergonomic enough to be changed while you remain in shooting position.This system also includes a highly efficient power circuit that allows the use of depleted flashlight batteries to provide several hours of operation. 

The AN/PVS-30 can be used on weapon system calibers up to and  including .50 caliber rifles. This system is also tested to be used with rifle day-sights with magnification up to 20x. All of these features make the AN/PVS-30 an effective tool to aid in "winning the light fight" when implementing medium to long-range rifles with day-scopes.


Magnification Unity
Operation Time AA Exceeds 24hrs, 123 Exceeds 36 hrs
Recognition Range 1000 m (human, 1/4 moon)
Boresight within .5 MOA
Waterproof 3 ft. for 4 hours
Finish Flat Black Matte or Desert Sand Brown, Corrosion Resistant
Controls On/Off Gain Control Knob, Focus Ring
Mount KAC 26597 for Quick Attach /Detach to MIl-STD-1913 Rail or equivalent mounting surface
Focus Range 20 Meters to Infinity
Power Source One AA or One 123 Battery
Weight 2.9 lbs. (1.32 kg)
Size 9.6” (244 mm) long
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