LE Duty Belt (Outer)
  • LE Duty Belt (Outer)
  • LE Duty Belt (Outer)

LE Duty Belt (Outer)

This product () will either be drop-shipped directly from our supplier or it is on back order. We will contact you immediately if there is a delivery delay longer than 3 business days.

This Duty Belt by Ares Gear is the best one we've found. It's extremely stiff, which means that weight is distributed evenly across the hips and that a firearms or other tools can be accessed more quickly and consistently. We especially like it when paired with the HSGI Micro Grip Belt Panel. That allows for use of the belt without a Velcor inner belt or belt keepers. If you want to go this route, be sure to select the 'Loop' variant'


Pants Size Recommended Size Adjustable Length
26 2X-Small 28"-34"
28 X-Small 30"-36"
30 Small 32"-38"
32 Medium 34"-40"
34 Large 36"-42"
36 X-Large 38"-44"
38 2X-Large 40"-46"
40 3X-Large 42"-48"
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