Defensive Carbine 3
  • Defensive Carbine 3

Defensive Carbine 3

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This 4 hour course picks up the pace with stress-inducing drills. Students will be introduced to simple and dynamic movement with a carbine and will revisit interacting with cover. Shoulder transitions and a few additional shooting platforms will also be covered in this course. This course should bring everything together and test previous and new skills by applying time constraints, accuracy standards, and stress. This is a high-intensity course meant to mimic the movement, skills, and some tactics required to prevail in a gunfight.

Topics Covered
What To Bring
      1. • Firearms safety
        • Movement
        • Use of cover
        • Shoulder transitions
        • Turns
        • Stress shoot drills
        • Combat mindset
        • You'll need the following gear in order to participate:
          • Quality, serviceable semiautomatic M4 style rifle with at least 3 magazines
          • Weapon sling and magazine pouches
          • Ear and eye protection (we have both available for use, but you may be more comfortable with your own)
          • Notepad and pen
          • Approximately 150 rounds TCJ Ammunition*


          *For your safety, all students are required to fire our TCJ ammo because it reduces lead by over 90% at the firing line. Our training ammo is sold at the lowest price possible in our onsite Pro Shop (ie. A 50ct box of .40 Cal is currently $16.00). Please contact us prior to your class to verify we have your preferred caliber in stock.
        • Training/ Skill

          Defensive Carbine 2 or equivalent formal training.


          All lawfully armed US citizens are welcome to participate in this course. To confirm eligibility, please provide the following documents BEFORE the class is scheduled to start:

          1. US state or federal ID (i.e. driver license)
          2. LE or MIL ID card OR valid concealed carry permit OR background check from your local law enforcement agency showing no felony or domestic violence convictions, restraining orders, etc. that make it illegal for you to possess a firearm.

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