Judgmental Shooting 1
  • Judgmental Shooting 1

Judgmental Shooting 1

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This 4 hour course uses state-of-the-art video simulation to provide students with an opportunity to make use of force (shoot/ no-shoot) decisions in a variety of realistic encounters. Participants will receive instruction on managing stress during violent encounters, concealed carry legal issues, and use of force standards. We'll also provide discussion and coaching on decision-making within moral and legal frameworks, accessing and presenting weapons, and 'articulation' or explaining your decision. This course is a MUST for people who carry a concealed pistol in public.

    • We'll cover:
        • Firearms safety (general, home, and range)
        • Stress and violent encounters
        • Legal and moral issues associated with use of force decisions
        • Use of force decision simulator exercises
        • Articulation of use of force decisions

        • You'll need the following gear in order to participate:

          • Notepad and pen
          • Concealed holster from Glock pistol* (optional)
          • Concealed magazine holster (optional, but recommended)
          • Concealed carry garment (jacket or loose fitting shirt that conceals a weapon)

          *For safety, all students are required to use our Glock laser based weapon. If your concealed carry weapon is not a Glock, a concealed holster will be available.

        • Training/ Skill

          There are no prerequisites for this course. Our Considerations for Concealed Carry course and our pistol progression are recommended, but not required.


          All US citizens who may legally possess a firearm are welcome to participate in this course. To confirm eligibility, please provide the following documents BEFORE the class is scheduled to start:

          1. US state or federal ID (i.e. driver license)
          2. LE or MIL ID card OR valid concealed carry permit OR background check from your local law enforcement agency showing no felony or domestic violence convictions, restraining orders, etc. that make it illegal for you to possess a firearm.
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