L4 Hybrid Shroud and Mount
  • L4 Hybrid Shroud and Mount
  • L4 Hybrid Shroud and Mount

L4 Hybrid Shroud and Mount

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The Wilcox L4 One/ Three Hole Shroud and Lanyard and the L4 G24 Breakaway Mount is a complete mounting package for NVGs. It provides flexibility in terms of attachment to the helmet (one hole or three hole), which means that you won't have to buy a new shroud if you change helmets.

The L4 One/ Three Hole Shroud and cup assembly fits helmets with the standard three hole pattern such as the MICH/ACH, OpsCore, and Crye AirFrame. It also fits helmets that have the one hole pattern common to ACH helmet. It comes with two sets of mounting hardware – both long and short bolts for the one hole ACH and long and short screws for the three hole helmet – to allow users the ability to attach it to either ballistic or non-ballistic helmets.

There are four hook points on the frame for bungees that come standard with certain helmet lines such as the Crye AirFrame or Ops-Core FAST helmets.

The Lanyard attaches to a variety of NVG Helmet Mounts and to currently fielded mounting systems. The Lanyard increases mission effectiveness by providing a secure attachment. The robust tether is designed for a long service life.

The L4 G24 Low Profile Breakaway Mount allows firm attachment of a variety of NVGs to a MICH/ACH helmet using an Ops-Core VAS or standard Army shroud.

This NVG mounting system allows the mount to "break away" from the base under a stressed condition, such as when prompted by interference during fast roping, maritime operations, hard impact or when entering or exiting mobility platforms. Without the Wilcox breakaway feature, the potential for induced neck injury and NVG breakage are increased.

The Wilcox L4 G24 NVG Mounting Systems Product Line is featured with a wide range of adjustments to customize the position of the Night Vision Goggle for proper eye position, and provide a maximum low profile position to the helmet.

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