M-88 Compass (Degrees)
  • M-88 Compass (Degrees)
  • M-88 Compass (Degrees)

M-88 Compass (Degrees)

This product () will either be drop-shipped directly from our supplier or it is on back order. We will contact you immediately if there is a delivery delay longer than 3 business days.

The M-88 is the lightweight, reduced cost version of the venerable M-73.  It's prism sighting system allows users to shoot extremely accurate azimuths, and quick, precise settlement of the liquid-filled dial assembly allows for rapid use of the compass in field conditions. Five self-luminous tritium light sources enable night operation. The dial assembly is mounted in a liquid filled, sealed capsule designed to allow for servicing of the compass to the sub-assembly level. Extensive environmental testing and rigorous quality control measures ensure that the M-88 can operate with precision in the most difficult climatic conditions.

This compass is graduated in degrees. M-88 models graduated in MILS and combination MILS/ Degrees are also available via special order. Delivery on special order compasses is generally 4-6 weeks after receipt of order. Contact us to place an order or for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: Compasses can only be purchased for shipment to US addresses or to US military units or installations overseas.

Doctor Livingstone

The Francis Barker Legacy

Francis BarkerTM compasses are not only the finest compasses in the world- they are also a part of history. They were used by Dr. David Livingstone on his Africa expeditions, and by many other illustrious citizens and noblemen since the company was founded in 1848. They have been issued to officers of the British Army for generations, and they are currently used by a number of military forces throughout the world.


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