NATO Survival Compass
  • NATO Survival Compass
  • NATO Survival Compass

NATO Survival Compass

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The NATO Survival Compass is a very small, concealable compass that is designed to provide cardinal direction (North, South, etc.) to the user in an emergency situation. It's perfect to put in a survival kit, sew into your clothes, or drop into a pocket. It can be used as a backup compass or, for those working in more dangerous areas of the world, as an emergency E&E compass (in extreme circumstances it can be, uh, swallowed...).  The compass is constructed entirely of brass and glass, which makes it nearly crush proof and highly resistant to corrosion. Luminous dots allow for use at night.  Versions of this compass have been in use by military personnel since WW2.

Remember to avoid storing this or any other compass in or near ferrous metal objects.

PLEASE NOTE: Compasses can only be purchased for shipment to US addresses or to US military units or installations overseas.

NSN: 6605-99-265-1167

The Francis Barker Legacy

Dr. Livingstone

Francis BarkerTM compasses are not only the finest compasses in the world- they are also a part of history. They were used by Dr. David Livingstone on his Africa expeditions, and by many other illustrious citizens and noblemen since the company was founded in 1848. They have been issued to officers of the British Army for generations, and they are currently used by a number of military forces throughout the world.


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