• NVD-PVS-14
  • NVD-PVS-14


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The NVD-PVS-14 is the night vision device that we recommend for most people and most applications. It is a cost effective alternative to the NEPVS-14 that is backed up by a 10 year warranty from one of the strongest companies in the NV business. They are drop-shipped directly from the manufacturer- typically within 1-2 days.

The multi-functional NVD-PVS-14 features a battle-proven design and the latest auto-gated, thin-filmed PINNACLE® image intensifier tube technology. It is lightweight and compact, and delivers approximately 50 hours of battery life from a single AA battery. It includes variable gain control, which allows the user to increase or decrease image tube brightness for greater image contrast in varying light conditions. Designed for the most demanding night time law enforcement applications, the NVD-PVS-14 can be handheld, head-mounted, helmet-mounted, weapons-mounted, and adapted to a camera or camcorder.

Gain control gives the user the ability to increase or decrease the tube gain. Under extremely dark conditions, gain control allows the user to adjust the gain upward, giving a better image. Under high light conditions, details can be washed out due to an excess of light. Lowering the system gain can allow those details to be better seen. Additional features of the PVS-14 include an infrared LED with LED indicator and a low battery indicator.

All NVD-PVS-14s are built with Exelis GEN III Pinnacle Auto Gated image intensifier tubes- they are available with Commercial, MIL GRADE or MIL SPEC tubes.

This system complies with MIL-PRF-49324(CR), MIL-PRF-49427(CR) and MIL-STD-810G.

NVD-PVS-14s come standard with a TEN YEAR WARRANTY!

Each Kit Includes: Soft Carry Case, AA Batteries (2), Operators Manual, Lens Tissue, Headmount Assembly, Headmount Adapter, Demist Shield, Sacrificial Window, Shuttered Eyeguard, Shoulder Strap, Neck Cord, Eye-cup, Front Lens Cap, and Weapon Mount.


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