Small Arms Collimator
  • Small Arms Collimator
  • Small Arms Collimator

Small Arms Collimator

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The Francis Barker Small Arms Collimator (SAC) allows you to accurately zero or confirm zero on weapon systems in under sixty seconds after changing sights, after changing weapons, after compromising zero by bumping/ dropping weapons, or during pre-combat checks/ at snipers’ FFP.

The SAC can also be used to significantly speed up the initial zero process, which not only reduces range time and ammo requirements for zeroing but also creates more time for training and leads to overall improvement in marksmanship.

The Small Arms Collimator is the only device available that meets the accuracy standards of military and law enforcement assault and precision weapon systems. Other instruments have tried to accomplish what the SAC can but none have come close to the precise minute of angle (MOA) success. This means that it is the only such system that can be trusted to check or adjust the operator’s weapon system in the field without compromising the ability to effectively engage targets.

Collimators are repeatable (all SACs can be used on any like weapon system) to provide better than 1 MOA results.

Interested in Purchasing?

Unfortunately, we are not able to sell collimators on our website or provide pricing information publicly. If you're interested, please contact us directly. Note that, in order to provide you with pricing or take an order, we will need some information from you:

  1. Type of weapon, including caliber and barrel length
  2. Type and model of muzzle device (flash hider, muzzle brake, etc.)
  3. Type of sight and height above bore
  4. Location and type of front sight post (when applicable)
Including this information with your inquiry will help us respond to you more quickly and more accurately.
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