Pistol Dry-Fire Kit
  • Pistol Dry-Fire Kit
  • Pistol Dry-Fire Kit
  • Pistol Dry-Fire Kit
  • Pistol Dry-Fire Kit

Pistol Dry-Fire Kit

This product () will either be drop-shipped directly from our supplier or it is on back order. We will contact you immediately if there is a delivery delay longer than 3 business days.

PLEASE NOTE: The slides on our current pistols are GREEN, NOT RED. They also include a spare magazine. We have not yet updated our images to reflect these changes. Otherwise, the kit is exactly as pictured.

This Kit includes everything you need for safe, effective dry-fire pistol practice in almost any environment. We use this kit regularly in our office and during PT- and as a result we get hundreds of draws and trigger pulls on a daily basis. The kit consists of a customized SIRT pistol and a compatible Beamhit TR-700 target.


Glock Feel & Function- this custom SIRT 110 pistol closely mimics Glock 17/ 22 pistols in terms of size, shape, and function. It fits into all of the Glock 17/ 22 holsters we've tried. This version has a green polymer slide. The sights can be changed to replicate whatever sight you're using on your carry/ duty gun.

IR Shot Indicating Laser- It has an infrared shot indicating laser instead of the standard visible red laser. The laser, which is invisible to the naked eye, reacts when accurate shots are made on the Beamhit targets. This is important because it prevents the huge training scar of looking over the sights to see shot placement instead of following through.

Resetting Trigger- The SIRT’s Auto-resetting Trigger allows for multiple strings of fire during training without racking the slide, encouraging more repetitions per training session.

Visible Take-Up Laser- You have the ability to turn on the Take-Up Red Laser for a different type of training. SIRT’s standard indicator laser engages when the trigger is “taken-up” (partially pressed), as prepping a trigger is imperative for maximizing accuracy and trigger control. When the trigger is taken-up, the red laser is on, providing a visual awareness of the muzzle movement and an indicator of proper trigger prep before the shots break.


The simple, stand-alone BEAMHIT TR-700 can be placed anywhere for dry-fire training. It features:

Audible Shot Indicator - A buzzer reacts as soon as accurate shots are placed on the target, providing instant audible feedback. There is also a shot counter so the shooter knows how many shots are hits or misses.

Timer - It has a built in timer that allows you to set a time limit during which the target will detect and count the hits.

Target Masks - There are 3 scaled target masks included that allow you to vary the target size from over 4 inches down to almost a 1 inch circle. This feature provides various stages of difficulty so that skill levels and drills can change.

Power Supply - The Beamhit can be powered by batteries (4 AA) or by the supplied 12v power cord, creating a portable device for both indoor and outdoor scenarios.

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