PPE Level III Stand-Alone Plate
  • PPE Level III Stand-Alone Plate

PPE Level III Stand-Alone Plate

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The Velocity Systems PPE Ballistic Rifle Plate is a stand-alone, NIJ Level III rated hard armor plate. It's 10" x 12" with a SAPI shape/ profile.  It's polyethylene construction makes it relatively thin and lightweight - it measures 1" thick and weighs 3.5 pounds.

This plate is sold individually. You will need to purchase 2 in order to have a full (front and back) set.

Purchase of plates and other armor is restricted to military, LE, and select private security customers. Verification of identity will be required before this item ships.


Type Stand-Alone
Threat Level NIJ Level III (0101.04 / 2005 Interim Requirements)
Composition Polyethylene
Shape SAPI
Size 10" x 12"
Thickness 1"
Weight 3.5 lbs
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