Ambit3 Peak Black (HR)
  • Ambit3 Peak Black (HR)
  • Ambit3 Peak Black (HR)
  • Ambit3 Peak Black (HR)
  • Ambit3 Peak Black (HR)

Ambit3 Peak Black (HR)

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The GPS watch for explorers with heart rate monitoring, weather functions and mobile connection.

The Suunto Ambit3 Peak is the ultimate GPS watch for sports and adventure. It provides route guidance, weather alerts, performance data, and other critical information for people who are serious about living an active lifestyle. Connect your watch wirelessly to your smartphone and use the free Suunto Movescount App to adjust the watch on the go and visually enrich, relive and share your adventure. There is no better companion out there to make every move count. 

Plan Your Routes

All Ambit3 watches come with full route navigation offering the freedom to explore. Plan your own routes or download one from Movescount. The wide variety of maps offers you the tools to plan the best journeys: you decide if you want to follow the roads, or take the shortest route to the destination. With the route and waypoints downloaded on the watch, follow the plan or just explore; return to your starting point with Track back at any time.

Notifications on the Watch

Using the Suunto Movescount App on your smartphone, you can see who's calling and read text messages and push notifications on your watch. No need to stop your training to see who’s calling!

Optimize Your Performance

The Ambit3 GPS watches provide accurate speed, pace and distance and, with the Suunto Smart Sensor, let you train within your ideal heart rate zones. The Ambit3 GPS watches offer specialized features for running, cycling and swimming. While running, for instance, you can follow your real time running performance level versus your the 30-day average (powered by Firstbeat).

Outdoor and Multisport Features

  • 30h battery with 5 sec-GPS accuracy (1 min-accuracy: 200h)
  • Route navigation and track back
  • Compass
  • Altitude (FusedAltiTM)
  • Weather information
  • Heart rate (even while swimming)
  • Activity based recovery time
  • Speed, pace and distance
  • Bike power support (Bluetooth Smart)
  • Multiple sports in one log
  • Movescount training programs on the watch
  • Extended feature set through Suunto Apps

Connectivity Features

  • Upload and share your moves instantly*
  • Customize your watch on the go*
  • Time and GPS satellite data up to date on the go*
  • Use your phone as second watch display* (Add an extended battery pack for your smartphone to support even longer adventures.)
  • See calls, messages and push notifications on the watch*
* With the Suunto Movescount App.
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