UC Concealment Holster
  • UC Concealment Holster
  • UC Concealment Holster

UC Concealment Holster

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This small, simple holster is specifically designed for carrying small pistols (like a Glock 42 or 43) in places or situations where having a gun is difficult or impractical.  It features the UltiClip3, which allows it to be securely attached to just about anything. It can be worn with PT clothes, clipped under a belt and worn with a tucked-in shirt, or attached to a pocket in a bag or purse. It also comes with a quick-clip for use with a belt.


  • Versatile- the UC can be used with or without a belt. Attaches to waistband (appendix or strong-side), interior pockets on bags or purses, jacket pockets, etc.
  • Highly concealable- UltiClip is hidden under the belt and allows the shirt to be tucked in over the holster. Slim design minimizes 'printing'.
  • Quick- holster can be quickly and easily put on or taken off using either the UltiClip or the quick clip.
  • Safe- the full Kydex holster protects the trigger (the #1 job of a holster).
  • User-adjustable- you can switch between UltiClip and quick clip, and adjust cant and ride height for either clip option.


Working from a concealed holster can be EXTREMELY dangerous, particularly with appendix or center-line holster positions.  NEVER draw from a concealed holster until you have been properly trained to do so by a reputable instructor.

MAKE SURE that you keep your finger off of the trigger and outside of the trigger guard when drawing or re-holstering.

Re-holstering should be a SLOW, DELIBERATE process:

  • Clear the cover garment.
  • Visually inspect the holster to ensure that no clothing (i.e. undershirts) or other items are obstructing the holster.
  • Watch the gun into the holster.
  • If you feel unusual resistance- STOP- then slowly remove the gun and repeat the above steps.


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