Wire Clips 3-Pack
  • Wire Clips 3-Pack

Wire Clips 3-Pack

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Manta Wire Clips (MWC) are a great way to manage wires for tape switches on your rifle. The clips allow you to route wires and keep them tucked out of the way so that they don't snag. They attach quickly and easily to Picatinny rail.

Manage excess wires with MANTA Wire Clips or use them in conjunction with any MANTA products. All MANTA Wire Clips incorporate positive engagement technology which prevents them from accidentally being pulled away from the rail. Manage and contain all wires anywhere on the rail with the MWC kit. Now it is possible to route wires anywhere on the weapon, even over solid sections of rail. Simply position the clip over the wire and snap into place, no more zip ties and tape! All MANTA products are produced from revolutionary materials that will resist extreme heat, chemicals and abrasion . MANTA Wire Clips are standard issue to U.S.M.C. and a number of other militaries around the world.


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