Professional training that's

realistic, relevant, & practical.

Telluric has been quietly training our Nation's protectors since 2004. Our courses are carefully developed with input from experienced professionals with a broad range of operational and instructional backgrounds.

Simple, durable skills.

We teach and drill simple, proven techniques that will be there when you need them (i.e. under the extreme stress of a life-or-death encounter).

Practical, tailored solutions.

Our training staff has the operational and instructional experience to know what skills and concepts are most important- and the ability to teach them effectively.

Professional, efficient delivery.

Training resources are limited. We help maximize your resources by ensuring that our presentation and logistics are on par with the highest corporate standards.

  • Quote Mark

    We as a training staff have put your training to good use. It has been the most practical and replicated training any of us have been to in a long time. Great class!

    - US FED LE (Nuclear Security) Instructor

  • Quote Mark

    Great course. Should be mandatory for anyone running NVDs. Instructors were knowledgeable and humble.

    - LAPD SWAT Operator

  • Quote Mark

    This was an incredible class. Everyone was great! Quality was amazing!

    - State Department DSS Agent/ Retired Capt (USN)

Why Telluric?

Innovative, multi-discipline curriculum development.

We are fortunate to have a well-rounded team of experts on staff. More importantly, though, our proximity to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) and our ties to various LE agencies and military units allow for input from experienced instructors and operators from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. 

Thorough peer and SME review process.

We integrate the input we receive from senior law enforcement and military professionals and various subject matter experts into our lesson plans as part of a disciplined, clearly-defined process.

Detailed lesson plans for consistent, legally-defensible content.

We choose instructors based on a number of factors, including experience, knowledge, humility, and public speaking ability. The backbone of our training, however, are the lesson plans that have been developed for each of courses. Detailed lesson plans ensure that courses are consistent and that course material has been properly developed and reviewed.

Corporate-level presentation and logistics.

Having solid lesson plans and in-depth knowledge is important. Delivering that information clearly and efficiently is just as critical. We focus on presentation and logistics to help you make the most of limited training time and budgets.

Low light/ no light experts.

We've been the National leader in night vision training since 2004. We also teach principles-based low light firearms and tactics courses.

Private and custom courses.

We offer private courses to groups of 4 or more people, and we can build custom courses for agencies or organizations.

Advanced instructor programs.

We offer Advanced LE Pistol Instructor, Aimpoint Academy, and other highly rated train-the-trainer programs for MIL and LE instructors.  

We're proud to be the official US Training Partner to Aimpoint®, the originator and World leader in red dot sight technology. Through our partnership, we've provided free training to deploying military units and law enforcement agencies all over the country. 

World-class training staff.

We have nationally recognized experts on staff in nearly every discipline relevant to our operations. We work with instructors and SMEs from the nearby Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), state and local law enforcement agencies, and various military units. Our trainers have backgrounds that include military and police special operations, criminal investigations, dignitary protection, high risk private security, and competitive shooting.

Training Facility


Our 12,000 square foot indoor training facility features a live-fire range, an NLTA shoot house, a gym, classrooms, a pro shop, and a gunsmith. It's optimized for low/ no light training.


Our facility is located just off of Interstae 95 in Brunswick, GA. We're 3 miles from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, and a short drive from St. Simons, Jekyll, and Sea Islands.

Area Information

There are a variety of hotel options in the area, including a Hampton Inn located next door to our facility and beach resorts within a 20 minute drive. There are also a number of excellent restaurants.


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