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USMC Fields Infantry Weapon Collimator

BRUNSWICK, GA, November 2, 2015 – Telluric Group has completed delivery of Pyser-SGI Limited Small Arms Collimator (SAC) Kits to the US Marine Corps.  The SAC Kits are designed for use with the M16A4, the M4, and the M27. The collimators serve two purposes.  First, they speed up the initial live-fire zero process for weapons that have not yet been zeroed (i.e. during Basic Rifle Marksmanship training). Second, and most critically, they allow deployed Marines to accurately check zero in any environment, without live fire. By ensuring that weapons are always zeroed, collimators improve Marines’ confidence in their weapons and enhance operational effectiveness. 

Small Arms Collimators are available for assault rifles, sniper weapons, machine guns, and grenade launchers.  They work with iron sights, day optics, and image intensified night vision optics. Collimators are also available for thermal weapon sights and for IR and visible laser aiming devices. 

SACs are manufactured by Pyser-SGI Limited, a leading British defense company that has been supplying cutting edge optical and electro-optical technology to military forces and police special operations units worldwide for more than 140 years.  Their products include small arms collimators, image intensified and thermal night vision devices, long-range surveillance equipment, binoculars, and compasses. They are fully accredited to ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Telluric Group is the exclusive US distributor for Pyser-SGI Limited in the United States. Telluric is also a leading provider of firearms and night vision training. They are the official US training partner for Aimpoint, the originator and world leader in electronic red dot sighting technology.