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  • Our values.

    Our company’s values guide us in determining when, where, and how we operate.

    Precision – in the way that we deliver services, in the products that we sell, in the techniques that we teach. ‘Good enough’ will never be good enough. We will never be perfect, but that won’t stop us from trying- relentlessly.

    Compassion – may seem out of place for a company that operates in the defense and security industries, but we believe that compassion MUST be the driving force behind everything that we do, especially security operations.

    Integrity – while we are all human and therefore prone to mistakes, our company will operate with absolute integrity. It will be expected and required from every leader, employee, or independent contractor that works with us.

    Discipline – sadly, discipline has almost become a bad word in our society. In the words of General George Washington, though, discipline “makes small numbers formidable.” It’s one of the reasons our small company consistently delivers superior results.

    Perseverance – the nature of our business means that we will face difficult situations, but we will not slow down or quit. Our clients and partners can count on us to press on until the job is finished.