We provide equipment, training, and services that help keep communities safe.

Whether it's delivering precision equipment to the military, training police officers, or providing protective services to business executives, our goal is always the same- to improve security in every community we reach, directly or indirectly. We do that by focusing on improving capability and confidence at the individual level.



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Small Arms Collimator

Confirm Zero Without Live Fire

The Small Arms Collimator is one of the most innovative and important pieces of equipment we've seen. It saves a tremendous amount of time and ammunition during the initial zero process and, more importantly, allows shooters to quickly and accurately confirm zero in the field. It's been fielded to US Army snipers, the USMC, and multiple law enforcement agencies...

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Night Vision

Telluric Group has been the nation's leading provider of night vision training for more than a decade- we've trained elite military personnel and thousands of federal, state, and local law enforcement officers. Our night vision courses are designed to build individual skills under goggles and to teach you how and when to apply NV technology to maintain dominant advantage in low/ no light conditions (and avoid putting yourself at a huge disadvantage). The night vision gear we offer has been vetted based on our experience- and the experience of our students- to ensure that is practical and reliable.

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